The Top 10 UK Domain Sales of 2019

It has been another great year for me personally.  Lots of new sales and some very profitable catches and flips.  I’m also working on several projects in the background which I will keep you updated on in due course.  As for reported sale prices it has been a very good year for catchers and flippers.  We are seeing more .uk domains hit the auctions and it will be very interesting how this plays out in 2020 with big registrars like 123reg dumping their pre-registered .uk domains on the market.

There will be a lot of opportunity.  So keep your eyes out for money making domains.

Top 10 UK Domain Sales of 2019


1. – sold for £45,000

It’s very interesting that one of the highest reported domain sales of the the year was actually a .uk domain and not a domain.  Could this be a a sign of things to come? Or is it because a there was a lot of batches of .uk domains released this year.  I am leaning towards the latter, but it will be interesting to see over the next 12 months.

2. – sold for £35,400

No surprise who bought this domain.  It was snapped-up by who run a new business bank and is currently forwarding to their bank homepage.  It looks as though they have also managed to catch the .uk domain as this also points to their homepage.  A lot of start-ups factor domain acquisition into their costs and this was a price they were willing to pay to secure their UK namespace.

3. – sold for £27,850

A great domain that I think should have probably gone for a lot fore than the final price.  It is extremely rare that you see domains of this quality hit the open market in 2019.  I would have expected this domain to have been bought back in 1999 by a big Travel company.  IT is pointing to a holding page at the moment so will be interesting to see what happens with the domain and project in 2020.

4. – sold for £25,000

I made a blog post about this domain back in May/June when the domain sale was first published.  It was one of the first big domain sales of 2019.  It was another case of a big brand securing their UK namespace.

5. – sold for £17,000

An exact match keyword domain that got snapped-up in the batch of unsecured .uk drops this year.  The owner of chose not to register the domain in the reserved period and therefore it dropped on the open market.  Finance orientated domains always seem to attract higher prices due to the industry.

6. – sold for £16,253

It shares the same holding page and owner as the previously mentioned so I presume these domains were secured as a package.  That makes the combined cost for securing and £44,103.

7. – sold for £16,000

This is an intriguing domain purchase.  The domain forwards directly to a mysterious “Coming Soon” page on  The owner is also an accredited Nominet member which would usually indicate it is a domain registrar or media company.  Will be interested to see what happens to this domain.

8. – sold for £13,250

The domain just points to a holding page at the moment.  It looks to have been bought by and investor to be re-sold at a later date.  I would imagine this will eventually be turned into a dating site at some point.

9. – sold for £11,415

The domain goes nowhere at the moment.  Not even to a holding page.  I think this would make a great domain for an insurance company or something along those lines.

10. – sold for £10,750

Looks to have been bought by a domain investor and broker.  I’m very surprised that the owner of did not secure the registration to  This domain could have been taken off the market last year for £5.

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