Hampton.co.uk sold for £25,000

Hampton.co.uk sold on Sedo last month for £25,000 making it the highest reported .co.uk domain sale so far this year.  There have been a few high £1000s sales so far this year, but £25,000 is the largest reported.

What’s on the site at the moment?

The site was forwarding to a holding page for several weeks after the initial purchase.  However, this seems to have been a transition period for the domain and hosting to be reconfigured by the new owner.  The domain has now been moved to different nameservers and is now the new official homepage for Hampton Homes.


The web archive shows the domain was first registered in October 1998 by a company called Hampton Data Services.  It seems they ran it as their business site till about 2013 until it was left to drop.  It’s a clean domain with no spam or notable Google penalty history.

Potential Market

As the domain was bought by an existing company the potential market is already mapped out.  Hampton Homes sell, renovate and build houses and this domain matches their brand.

Was £25,000 a good price?

The value of this domain really comes from it’s name and branding potential.  Hampton Homes obviously thought £25,000 was a good price to pay to secure their brand name online and move their website to their own brand .co.uk domain.

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