sold for £5,088 sold on Domainlore this week for £5,088.  I remember Gateway as an old computer company back in the 1990s.  In fact I think some of the first computers my Primary school started using were those famous big grey Gateway tower units.  Nothing like the black slimline units the kids have nowadays.  Anyway, enough about my halcyon school days.

What’s on the site at the moment?

The site seems to be dead at the moment.  I get an error “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” when I try to view the page.  This would suggest the name has just been bought and banked with no plan on being flipped straight away.  The tag the domain is registered to is David Thornton on his [Tag = DAVIDTHORNTON] which has a registered address in the British Virgin Islands.  I have seen this tag associated with other flipped domains so I expect this domain will hit the market at some point.


The web archive shows the domain was first registered in 1998 by a company called Gateway Computing Ltd.  It seems they ran it as their business site till about 2012 and then it looks like they must have been merged or been bought with a company called Civica.  It’s a clean domain with no spam or notable Google penalty history.

Potential Market

When the domain finally sells or gets developed I imagine it will be used for something tech related, but that’s just a hunch.  It could literally be used for anything from a construction company to a tech start-up.  The potential for this domain is huge because of it’s versatility.  In 5 minutes I thought of a couple of projects this domain would be perfect for.

  • Hosting or Data Centre
  • School or training academy
  • Construction company e.g. roads, bridges etc.

Was £5,088 a good price?

The value in this domain really comes from it’s usability.  It could be used for anything from a bridge construction company to a high tech data centre.  There will be a lot of interested parties, but will they want to pay over £5,000 for the domain?  It looks like the domain has been bought by a flipper, so he will want to make profit on is £5,000 buying price.  Will he get a profit?  I think so.

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