sold for £160,000 sold last month for a whopping £160,000 (or $201,000) making it the highest reported domain sale of 2020 so far.  This is actually one of the highest reported domain sales of the last couple of years.

What’s on the site at the moment?

The site is now a “coming soon” page for what looks to be some kind of online estate agency.

because you are the best person to sell your own one should charge you to advertise on rightmove. A more simple approach to selling and buying your home, launching August 2020.

Will be very interested to see what the final product is. If they were willing to buy the domain for £160,000 you would think this would be an investment into a well planned and produced final product. Watch out Purple Bricks!


The web archive shows the domain was first registered in October 1996 and first used in 2005.  It seems to have had a chequered past with no actual human content and has been predominantly used as some kind of affiliate deals directory for HotDealsUK.  It’s a relatively clean domain with no spam or notable Google penalty history.

Potential Market

Online estate agents are booming at the moment as they offer a more cost effective option when selling a house. I have taken a look at the search traffic for “purple bircks” below, which is a popular online only estate agents in The UK. You can see the surge in search traffic over the last five years.

If this is an indication of the market for online estate agents then this is a particularly buoyant sector that look to be entering.

Was £160,000 a good price?

This is a very high price tag for a domain name, but if the product is right it could be worth the investment over time. is a term everyone knows, it is short and very easy to brand. Only time will tell if the investment will be worthwhile. I have a sneaking suspicion it will and will become a household name we are all familiar with.

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