What is domain flipping?

1. Find

Find an unregistered domain name

2. Register

Register cheaply for under £5 at 123reg

3. Flip

List the domain for sale with Sedo

4. Profit

Sit back and sell for up to £600,000

What’s so good about domain flipping?

It may sound complicated, but domain flipping is in fact a really simple and easy industry to get started in.  It is the perfect passive income or profitable hobby that you can do in your spare time.  Who knows it may even be your next career.

Profits of up to £600,000+ from very little work.
It's cheap to get started. You can register a domain for only £5.
There's absolutely no risk involved.
You can work from home, on your tablet or mobile.
No long term commitment. You can buy and sell whenever you like.
It's the perfect little side income too make extra cash for very little effort.

If you fancy having a go, then make sure you read our “Get Starting in Domain Flipping” ebook.  It will tell you everything you need to know to get started in the industry and start making some real cash.

How much can you earn?

Domain flipping can be incredibly lucrative.  There are not many industries where you can turn a £5 investment in to £600,000 profit with just a few clicks.  These are real figures from real domain sales happening right now online.

DomainBought forSold for

As you can see from the profit figures above, there is a lot of money to be made buying and selling domain names.    You could use the profit to re-invest in other areas such as a rental property portfolio, new business venture or shares.  With a sale of £600,000 you could really treat yourself.

Luxury Holidays

With the extra income you can splash out on a few luxury holidays or treat the whole family to a once in a lifetime trip aboard.

Start a Business

Found a domain that’s too good to sell.  Why not have a go at starting your own online business?

Dream Car

Selling one domain could make you enough money in a day to buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or maybe a something suitable like a VW.

Pay off Student Loan

I used the profits from domain flipping to help pay off my University student loan.

Property Investment

Raise some quick money for a deposit on your first home.  It can also be a good way to raise capital for a rental portfolio.


Have some extra time on your hands?  Why not learn a new skill and start earning from it?