Drops of the week 14

A few very good drops this week, which is surprising for the middle of summer.


Owwzzaat!  It’s not very often you get a one word keyword domains of this caliber drop.  It seems to have been snapped-up by a domain broker using the WEBHOUND tag.  As a cricket fan, I’ll be keeping an eye on this domain to see if anything is produced.  Would be a perfect domain for a cricket shop or resource/news site.


This is a tricky domain to give a value on.  On one hand it’s a perfect one word keyword domain, and on the other hand its primary market would obviously be in the adult entertainment industry.  Do you know any porn sites that use a .co.uk?  No, neither do I.  That’s because the adult world doesn’t use .co.uk domains and tends to stick to mainly international .com’s.  I expect the real world value of this domain to be a lot lower than expected.


(Last registered in 2007)

With the advances in virtual reality technology, the potential for virtual surgical training is huge.  I saw this first hand at a surgical conference I attended several months ago.  It would involve a lot of development, but to be able to launch a virtual training app for surgeons would be a huge success.  No surprise to see Garth Piesse snap-up this domain almost immediately on his COHERENT-NZ tag.  It will be interesting to see if he secures a buyer for the domain.


(Last registered in 2006)

A very popular keyword based domain that will get considerable type-in and search traffic without much marketing.  There are many HR outsourcing companies online that would be very interested in this domain.  The domain seems to have been snapped-up by Garth on on his COHERENT-NZ tag.  This will not be a cheap domain for a potential buyer.

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