Drops of the week 4

Not a great week for domains drops, but there has been solid keyword based domains.


This is a prime example of a rock solid keyword based domain for a business.  Anybody that’s in the kitchen installation business will benefit from owning this domain.  Make this your business page with a few photos, a couple of testimonials and a contact form and you have yourself a £50,000+ a year business within 12 months.  I would bet my house on it.


Have you ever heard of a bee sting facial?  No, I hadn’t either until my wife told me about it.  Turns out they’re quite popular and there’s quite a lot of money involved.


Although “night sticks” are illegal to buy in The UK.  I think this is a great name for a security company.  It’s a brand that everyone will know and associate with security.  The .uk is registered, but the .co.uk is free and I doubt it will stay free for long.


Drama Llama is a popular meme and a well know term online.  This domain could be used for anything from an IT Support company to a craft business selling mugs and t-shirts with “Drama Llama” written on.


A nice brandable term similar to Pinterest.  Would be good for a craft clothing company or possibly a niche copycat site similar to pinterest allowing users to “pin” popular items.

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