Drops of the week 17

The big McVities domain drop

  • biscuits.uk
  • digestive.uk
  • jacobs.uk

Someone in the tech department at McVities will be getting the sack soon as they let a load of big brand .uk domains drop this week.  It seems a little strange for a huge multinational company like McVities to be letting £5 domains drop.  Either way, it seems a very clear indication of their preference with regard to UK domains in the future as all their .co.uk domains are registered till 2023.


This is my favourite domain drop of the week.  A brilliant domain for a sailing or travel company.  It’s short, succinct and very much on point.  No surprise at all to see it get snapped-up by a domain flipper on the tag [Tag = MAYLUM].  I can see nice large profit being made on this domain as there will be a lot of demand.


I tried my hand at Yoga a few years ago and it never really clicked for me.  Although getting hands-on with an extremely flexible, 24 year old blonde yoga instructor was probably my biggest draw.  This is a great Yoga domain that is still up for grabs.


Great domain for either a financial advisor or an investment advice blog.  This one dropped late and was caught on a Monster tag [Tag = MONSTER] and put up for sale on Sedo within 2 hours.  The .uk version is still available to register,


Great domain for a driving instructor or school.  The domain is still free to register and I’m surprised nobody has jumped on it yet.


I’m not sure what the immediate value of this domain is.  It’s certainly not going to be an instant £20,000 Sedo auction domain, but I think it will be a very useful addition to a portfolio.  It was registered by Garth Piesse on his [Tag = COHERENT-NZ] Coherent tag.  The .uk version is still available to register.


Perfect domain for a pre-school or childcare business.  The .co.uk version was snapped-up quite quickly by Domraider, but the .uk version is still available.

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