Drops of the week 15

There were some great domain drops this week.  I usually stick to around five of the best in my infamous “drops of the week” section, but there were just too many good ones.


A solid keyword based domain for a wheel or alloy repair business.  In an extremely competitive market I can see a domain of this quality getting a lot of interest on the re-sale market.  It looks to have been bought by a domain flipper so will be interesting to see what price it goes for when it sells.  Probably not a million pound domain, but potentially between £1000 to £5,000 to the right buyer,


The fitness and supplement market is absolutely booming at the moment.  MuscleFuel.co.uk would be a perfect domain for an online shop selling supplements like whey protein and fitness nutrition.  No surprise to see the domain get snapped-up almost as soon as it dropped.  I really like this domain and the branding possibilities are endless.  The .uk version is still available which may be of interest to some investors or entrepreneurs.


Unregistered one word dictionary words are about as rare as hen’s teeth in 2018.  So I was surprised to see this one actually drop.  It may not have an instant business use, but one word domains can be used for any type of business nowadays. e.g. Sunny.co.uk, Satsuma.co.uk and Confused.com.


This is without doubt the most valuable domain to drop this week.  The online recruitment and job hunting sector is absolutely huge.  I can see this domain being used as a potential new start-up job site or alternatively an online learning course for interview training.  Either way it will get a lot of interest from some of the big boys like Reed or Indeed.  Someone will make a lot of money out of this domain.


I was disappointed to see the .co.uk and .uk get snapped-up by Behrendt Professional Corporation as it will now sit unused for years in their registry.  Would have been a great domain for a gadget insurance or tech review company.  The domain will now be listed on Amazing Domains for an ridiculously high fixed price and never used.


This domain would be perfect for a cruise or sailing holiday site.  It’s short, easy to remember and it was no surprise to see it snapped-up as soon as it dropped.  The .co.uk was registered by Starworks and uk version by Giraffe domains.  It will be interesting to see how both domains perform being registered to separate companies.  I will be keeping an eye on this domain to see if anything is developed.  Hopefully it will be used!


I had been monitoring Rebooting.co.uk for a couple of months as a potential domain for an upcoming project I’m working on.  Unfortunately it was registered by Garth Piesse and added to his every growing undeveloped domain bank.  I did however manage to secure the .uk version of the domain.  So, watch this space!


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