5 reasons why you should use a domain broker

No risk of losing the domain to a scammer

This is the number one reason I would always recommend using a domain broker like Sedo.  There are lots of scammers out there that would love to fleece you out of a domain by promising to pay and then not transferring the funds.  With a broker you only transfer the domain after the money has been verified and is in their holding account for you.  There is no risk of transferring the domain away and then realising the buyer is not going to pay.  Be safe and don’t take risks with your profits or domains.

Buyers trust the brand

If you look at the purchase from the buyers point of view, they want a brand they can trust.  They may not trust a domain flipper who they’ve not heard of before, but they are more likely to trust a domain broker with experience and expertise in the buying and selling of domains.  They feel safer and secure in the knowledge their funds are safe.

Accept payment by cards without processing the card yourself

Domain brokers offer you the ability to accept payment in multiple currencies and using credit, debit and charge cards.  If you are selling the domain on your own you probably won’t be able to offer all of these payment options.  Having these options available will make your domain more attractive to potential buyers from oversees.  I personally like to buy domains using a credit card as I receive air miles and cashback from purchases.

They will help advertise the domain for you

When you list a domain with Sedo they will publish your domain in their directory of domains for sale.  This is an active marketplace of domain buyers and sellers and greatly improves your chances of selling your domain.

You can earn money from ads while the domain is parked

Sedo offer you the chance to earn money on your domains while they are parked with them.  It may only be a couple of quid every month in ad clicks, but if you have a lot of domains hosted with them it will add up.

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