Drops of the week 16


A solid IT services domain that will be in demand. The .uk version is already registered, but they must have missed the drop on the .co.uk version of the domain. This is a great domain for a flipper to easily make a few hundred quid on. I would expect it to sell for around £700, but could go higher if there is a stubborn seller or buyer.


This is a very high calibre domain name that doesn’t come along very often. I had watchers on the domain to see if it would drop and who would register it. It was registered by a web design firm in scotland called Koder, who seem to do some crafty domain flipping on the side. It’s currently on auction at Domainlore with a highest bid of £1050. I expect it will go higher.


I was nearly tempted by this one myself. The Google search statistics show there’s a lot of UK search traffic for the phrase “dog socks”. This indicates that there’s demand and there’s also a lot of dogs with cold feed. This is a great domain for either a dog sock company or maybe a dropshipping site selling dog socks from China. I’m sure someone will pick this domain up and make a lot of money.


The fitness industry is booming right now in The UK and this is a great one word domain. It could be a used by a gym, nutrition company or even a personal training blog. One word domains usually go for very high prices regardless of the industry or market involved. I can see this domain selling for £3000 if sold at auction.


I was almost certain this domain would drop, but it was renewed at the very last minute. Would have been a perfect domain for a domain auction site.

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