Drops of the week 13


This is my favourite drop of the week.  I would either flip it straight away or would have used it for a tongue-in-cheek doorknob ecommerce website.  I did keep a weather eye on it over the course of the day to see if it would go for a free drop.  Looks like it’s been snapped-up by a telecoms company.  Will be interesting to see what happens with the domain and if any site is launched.


Not sure what’s happened to this domain.  It was listed to drop on the 9th June, but seems to be still in a “Suspended status” on WHOIS.  Would be a perfect domain for a car sharing company and will be easily worth over £5,000 on the re-sale market.


Not sure of Mick Jagger is aware of the domain dropping, but it’s always interesting to see big celeb names drop and what happens to them.  It’s still free to register at the time of writing this, but I would expect some legal shenanigans if you register this domain.


A quick google search shows a lot of local businesses using “Chicken Hut” as a trading name and there is a lot of websites using derivatives of the domain.  I would expect a lot of interest in the domain as there’s significant competition for this brand and name.


With Canada legalising recreational marijuana usage this week, it can’t be long before the UK follows suit.  This would be an excellent domain to take forward into the new era of marijuana legislation and ptentially a very lucrative area of business.


A popular and easily brandable term that could be used for anything from candles to perfume.  Judging by Google search listings, I would expect this domain to get a quick re-sale for around £1000.

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