Turn £5 into £5000
in 5 Minutes

Everything you need to know to get started
in the extremely lucrative and often secret world of domain flipping.

Domain flipping guide.
Domain flipping guide.

What’s inside the guide?

Inside the “Guide to Domain Flipping” ebook you’ll find everything you need to know to get started and start making some money.  Broken down into key steps and action points – it’s super easy to follow.

Where to find hidden lists of expired domains
How to register domains cheaper with discount codes
How to spot domains worth £10,000s for £5
Hard to find domainers auctions for professionals only
How to sell your domains for £10,000s +
Specially designed for the UK domain industry

What is domain flipping?

1. Find

Find an unregistered domain name

2. Register

Register a domain for under £5

3. Flip

List the domain for sale with Sedo

4. Profit

Sit back and sell for up to £600,000.00

Everything you need to get started flipping domains

Recent big money .co.uk Domain Sales

These are just a sample of some the published figures for recent .co.uk domain sales over the last 5 years.  As you can see the values just keep going-up as the value of domains rises.

DomainBought forSold for

Do you fancy getting a return of £600,000 on an investment of £4.50? Not bad, right! This is the perfect time to get into domain flipping and start making some real cash on domains.


Free.co.uk sold for £160,000

Free.co.uk sold last month for a whopping £160,000 (or $201,000) making it the highest reported .co.uk domain sale of 2020 so far.  This is actually one of the highest reported…

The Top 10 UK Domain Sales of 2019

It has been another great year for me personally.  Lots of new sales and some very profitable catches and flips.  I’m also working on several projects in the background which…

5 tips for super efficient domain portfolio managment

Try not to spilt domains across registrars and accounts Having your domains registered with multiple registrars makes it harder to manage your portfolio.  Keep all your domains with ideally one…

5 common domain flipping mistakes to avoid

I have been flipping domains for nearly 10 years now and along the way I have made mistakes.  These tips should help you avoid my mistakes and give you an…

Hampton.co.uk sold for £25,000

Hampton.co.uk sold on Sedo last month for £25,000 making it the highest reported .co.uk domain sale so far this year.  There have been a few high £1000s sales so far…