Will Brexit affect UK domain values?

I’m not going to go into the politics of Brexit in this post because it would take too long to read and write.  Instead, I’m going to keep it strictly business.  I personally think leaving the European Union was one of the worst decisions this country has ever made and we will be set back by this decision for years to come.  In both international trade and global influence.  However, how we react to this decision as businesses will be crucial to our success over the next 2 – 3 years.  So, what about the domains then?

Increased demand for .co.uk domains

Trading internationally could get incredibly complicated over the next few years.  Until various trade agreements are officially ratified and agreed, UK businesses will be concentrating on UK customers because that’s what they know.  As a domain flipper I see this as an opportunity and predict .co.uk domains becoming increasingly sought after for UK businesses.

Businesses ditching .eu domains

The .eu extension is used by a lot of UK businesses at the moment.  Will Brexit mean that UK companies using a .eu domain will legally have to move off the domain?  Who’s knows?  Will businesses want to keep using an .eu domain whilst not being inside the European Union?  Probably not.  It certainly makes for some interesting decisions in the future.

Customers feel safer with a .co.uk

Many studies have proven UK consumers prefer to shop on a website using a .co.uk domain.  With Brexit adding increased uncertainty to the marketplace, I think shoppers will “stick with that they know” and look to use .co.uk domains over international shops.

How do you think Brexit will affect UK domains?  Please feel free to leave comments below.

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