What do you do with a .uk if you’ve sold the .co.uk?

A lot of domainers will be finding themselves in this position more and more as people ditch the .uk extension in favour of buying the more widely used .co.uk.  Can you still make some money from the .uk domain you’ve been left with? Sure thing…

Contact the .co.uk buyer and offer them the domain at a reduced rate

A .uk isn’t worth much on it’s own, especially if the .co.uk is being being used.  It’s worth emailing the buyer and offering the .uk for a reduced rate.

Hold onto the domain and wait for the .co.uk buyer to come back to you

Another option is to hold on to the .uk domain and hold out for the original .co.uk buyer to make an offer.  If they’re spending money building a big brand around a .co.uk they’ve paid a lot of money for they will want to own the .co.uk and .uk to protect their brand.

Hold onto it and wait for another buyer

If it’s a real high value domain the .uk may have significant value on it’s own.  You could wait for the another buyer to come along and snap-up the domain for a high price.  Everybody is still waiting to see how the .uk domain performs – in several years .uk could be more valuable and widely used than .co.uk.

No reserve auction

List it for a quick auction on Sedo or Domainlore with no reserve and see how much you can get.  You may make a quick £100+ or so.

Let it drop

Last, but not least.  Just let it expire.  If there is no interest from the original .co.uk buyer and you see no interest from other parties, there’s not point wasting a couple of years of registration fees.  Cut your losses and move on to the next one.

If you have any more ideas then please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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