Top 10 Big Money UK Domain Sales of 2018

This has been another record year for me in both domain sales and recurring commissions from my portfolio.  As 2019 gets started let’s take the chance to have a look back at the biggest UK domain name sales in 2018.

The Top 10 biggest domain sales of 2018

RankDomain NameSold for£21,000£12,800£10,425£10,399£10,000£9,995£9,800£8,400£7,265£6,750

They’re nearly all are one word domains

Instantly I spotted that nearly 70% of the top 10 sales are one word keyword based domains.  This shows that businesses are still willing to pay very big money for the branding and marketing edge that can be gained from a single word domain.  This is a huge signal to domain flippers that these are the types of domain that are in-demand and the also the type of domain that will make the most profit. selling for £21,000 is a £19,995 profit on a £5 investment.

The domain is still most profitable

Is it any wonder that all of the domains in the top 10 are domains?  I don’t think so.  Will we see this change over the next 2 – 3 years?  Yes, I think so.  According to my analytics the .uk domain is gaining traction quickly.  There have been some very high profile sales of purely .uk domains this year.  If this continues we may see some .uk domains start breaking into the top 10 next year or the year after.

Only one of the domains is being used

This is both disappointing and frustrating for me as a developer and flipper.  What I take from this is that these domains may have been purchased as a long term investment by domain bankers or in the case of used simply to point to their .eu European website.

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