sold for £1,846 sold on Domainlore for a surprising £1,846.  The sports nutrition market is absolutely booming in The UK, but I’m not sure a domain as niche as this with prove profitable for the buyer. was first registered in 2004 and has had a mixed life as a design magazine and interior design agency. The .uk version of the domain is registered to SYNAPTICMEDIA the same owner as the

What’s on the site at the moment?

At the moment the site forwards to a “ This domain is still available to buy” page supplied by Domain Manage.  This suggests to me the new buyer is a domain banker or flipper and is looking to make a profit on his £1,846 buying price.  Domain manage to not show stats to visitors so it’s hard to tell what kind of traffic the for sale page is getting at the moment.


The web archive shows the domain was first registered in 2004 and has never been used commercially. There has been a “coming soon” page in 2006, but it seems the project was never actually used. A clean domain with no spam or Google penalty history.

Potential Market

Sports Nutrition is an absolutely huge market in The UK at the moment and the search trends would suggest it’s increasing year on year. I buy my protein online and I know most of my friends do also. It’s the perfect platform to research and compare products before purchasing and it’s often not a product you find in Tesco or Lidl. The only downside to all this search traffic is there will be a lot of competition in the market.

Google search trends for the term “protein powder” over the last 5 years show it’s a very popular search phrase.  There are noticeable peaks around late December and early January which would coincide with people starting New Year fitness regimes and lifestyle changes.  The search volume is seems to be growing year on year and this would indicate a very attractive market for investors. It may also indicate a lot of competition for customers in a crowded marketplace.

Was £1,846 a good price?

In my experience of the sports nutrition industry is very trust and “brand” focused. The key players in the UK protein market like My Protein, The Protein Words and even Holland and Barrett already have established, trusted brands and a huge customer base. This is not the type of domain or market where you can launch an e-commerce site and instantly start getting orders coming in. It will take time and money to establish a brand in this extremely competitive, but lucrative industry. Can I see this domain being successful? No. Will the flipper make a profit on £1,846? I doubt it.

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