sold for £22,500 sold this month on Sedo for a whopping £22,500.  This makes it one of the biggest published UK domain sales of the year so far. was first registered in 1996 and is currently registered by Namesco Limited on the tag NAMESCO.

What’s on the site at the moment?

At the moment there is a white logo on a blue background featuring a plane, a parking sign and a bed.  This gives some indication of the potential plans for the domain.  The plane may suggest a site that offers packages for hotels and airport parking.


Judging by a quick look on the web archive it seems the domain has been parked since it was purchased in 1996 and never used commercially.

Potential Market

The domain could be used in multiple markets from travel and tourism, theme parks, parking information and airport parking.  Judging by the graphics on the holding page I think it is more than likely going to be combining parking and hotels.

If we take a look at the Google search trends for airport parking over the last 5 years it shows an exponential rise year on year with noticable peaks over the summer months.  Assuming this is the market the domain will be operating in, it seems an attractive market sector for potential projects. This may suggest why an investor was willing to pay £22,500 for the domain.

Was £22,500 a good price?

This is always a difficult question to answer as only time will really tell.  I will be keeping a close eye on the domain to see the project develop over the next 6 to 12 months.  It seems to be an expanding area with no apparent market leader.  With a £22,500 investment in only the domain, this signals an intent to invest heavily in establishing a recognisable and profitable online brand.

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