sold for £3,805 sold on Domainlore for a surprising £3,805.  I think this was an absolute steal for a domain of this calibre within a high spend market sector. was first registered in 1999/2000 and has had a mixed life as a design magazine and interior design agency. The .uk version of the domain is registered by another owner.

What’s on the site at the moment?

At the moment the site forwards to a Sedo “The domain may be for sale by its owner” page.  This suggests to me the new buyer is a domain banker or flipper and is looking to make a profit on his £3,805 buying price.  According to the web statistics on display there have already been 2 bids on the domain made through Sedo.


The web archive shows the domain was first registered in 1999/2000 and used by several CondéNet.UK Ltd (CondéNast) web publications including the famous House and Garden Magazine.  It was then picked-up by a an interior design agency in 2005.  Since then on it’s lay dormant and unused.

Potential Market

Interior design is a very popular market which generates a lot of search traffic online.  I see two potential options for the domain.  The first is an interior design agency buying the domain.  The second is a developer buying the domain and launching an interior design magazine/ blog with ideas and inspiration for designers.

If we take a look at the Google search trends for interior design over the last 5 years it’s hard to spot any significant trends.  There are noticeable peaks around January and February which would suggest New Year plans and research for re-decoration.  The search volume is continuously high throughout the year as it is such a popular niche regardless of seasons, weather or climate.

Was £3,805 a good price?

As this domain was sold on the Domainlore marketplace you can guarantee this was a purchase made by a domain flipper.  With the aim of holding the domain for a while ane then selling on  to a web developer or interior design company.  I would expect this domain to sell for a lot more than that to the right buyer.  I don’t think this is going to be a £100,000.00+ domain, but I expect the flipper to make a comfortable profit this.  With a price topping at around the £10,000.00 mark.  The question is how long he/she is willing to sell the domain for and how long they are willing to hold out for offers.

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