Drops of the week 8


(First registered 2002)

Perfect keyword based domain for a driveway cleaning company.  Domain seems to have been snapped-up by domain flipper Alex Jordan so I expect to see it on re-sale sometime soon for a very nice profit.


(First registered 2003)

Interesting domain which will get a lot of search traffic.  Could be used for anything from a forum for lost luggage, a resource site or even a legal claims against travel companies for lost luggage.  It’s not going to be a £1,000,000 domain but it I expect it to make a a profit of low £1000s at auction.


(First registered 1996)

Scheduled to drop on Sunday, this is a very valuable domain name that has the potential to make a profit of £100.000 or more.  It could be the case that the domain gets renewed at the very last minute, but there is a very possibility this will drop.  Watch this space…


(First registered 1990s)

A classic exact match keyword phrase that will get a lot of search and type-in traffic.  With the nature of the goods it could attract a high re-sale price depending on the market.  Maybe a high end catering company or glass hire/sale.


(First registered 2010)

A good example of an easily brandable gaming domain that could be used for anything from a bespoke game controller to a computer gaming shop, community or magazine.  The .uk is registered by a domainer, but the .co.uk will be the version of the domain in-demand from buyers.  Expect the domain to sell for between £500 – £1000 at auction.


(First registered 1999)

Currently owned by Lunn Poly and due to expire tonight (Sunday evening).  Holiday planning is an expanding industry at the moment.  Lots of recently retired “baby boomers” are looking to travel more with their spare time and don’t necessarily fancy doing all the planning.  This is an ideal domain to kick-start a holiday planning business or an area to expand for an existing travel company.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this domain.

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