Drops of the week 7


A tongue-in-cheek pun on the Dalai Lama and a perfect domain for a deli or health food shop.  The .uk is registered, but the .co.uk is the domain that will be in demand now and I expect this to sell for around £500 – £800 depending on the buyer.  This is my favorite drop of the week.


I remember ex-catalogue shops being a really big thing in the 90s and a quick google search shows that they’re still going strong.  This domain was first registered back in the 90s and has only just dropped and become free to register.  I expect strong demand for the domain from discount and ex-catalogue retailers online.  This could potentially be a high £1000s domain.


Electirc cars are an extremely popular product at the moment and a tending topic in UK Google searches.  This is an ideal name for a car dealer or a resource site based on electric cars and EV.  I would expect this domain to be valued around the high £100s possibly more if sold at auction.


Corporate espionage is very big business nowadays and so is corporate security.  This is a very popular search term and to the right buyer is a “ready to go” business that has the potential to become a market leader in The UK.  This will be a very popular domain when auctioned.


I was quite surprised to see this domain drop last week.  First registered in 1999 and kept by the same owner until now.  Weddings are a massive business area nowadays and can include anything from bridal wear to stationary and confectionery.  This cheeky domain would be suitable for a whole range of wedding related businesses.  I expect it to sell for around £2000 to £5000.


A slang term for a “head butt” in Glasgow.  It’s a well know saying that is memorable and could be used for anything from a beauticians to a dating website.  It’s a typically Scottish phrase and I expect this domain to be popular with businesses in Glasgow especially.

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