Drops of the week 6


A quick Google search shows about 6 Indian restaurants using the name “Bombay Palace”.  I would imagine one of those would happily pay £300 – £600 for the prestige of owning the .co.uk over their rival restaurants.  A solid domain for a quick flip.


A good keyword based domain for a hopi candle (ear candles) business. A quick look at the Google search statistics for the keywords “hopi candles” shows a lot of search traffic and no big UK supplier. This domain could be a nice flip for a £300 – £500 price tag or maybe be used as an affiliate shop or Amazon dropshipper.


A popular surname in England and several companies using the brand for everything from a Lettings agent to a legal adviser. I have had success in the past with flipping popular surname brands and would expect this domain to sell quickly if priced in the low £100s on Sedo.


Never had a Jamaican patty before, but I hear they’re quite popular. The Google search statistics certainly show a lot of interest in the product. This domain would be perfect for a Patty supplier or local restaurant/cafe.


A solid keyword based domain that will get a lot of search traffic. Ideal for a walking boots shop, affiliate or dropshipper. I can see this domain possibly making low £1000s if flipped straight away, but has the potential to make more as a business.


Last, but not least. My favourite drop of the week. A memorable domain that could be used for a range of services. I personally like the idea of a uniue membership club to get VIP access to tickets or events. It could have a lot of potential for the right buyer.

That’s it for this week. If you have any comments or spotted any good drops yourself, feel free to leave your comments below.

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