Drops of the week 5


First registered back in 1999 this is a [perfect domain for an engineering, design or construction company.  It’s simply, easy to brand and will be very valuable to the right buyer.  I expect to see this domain sell for £5000 or more.


Interesting to see this domain drop on the same day as ericpickles.co.uk did.  Obviously a complete coincidence.  The domain will rank very highly for exact match searches for “small penis”.  This could be an area for some clinical companies would be interested in.  Probably won’t be a £100,000 domain, but might make £500 or so on a quick dlip.


People will often research symptoms online before seeking medical advice.   I’m sure there’s a pharmaceutical or hemorrhoid cream company that would like to own this domain.


A very well known term that could be used for branding anything from luxury flights and travel to hotels or event management.  This domain could sell to the right developer for £5,000 or more.


It’s probably not going to buy you a Bentley, but this is a great example of a keyword rich domain that will get a lot of good search traffic.  Could be flipped for a quick £300 – £800 or possibly developed into an affiliate web store.  Cricket pads and accessories are very expensive and could potentially make a good long-term investment.


First registered back in 1999 it’s interesting to see a domain like this just drop.  Is this indicative of the decline of the UK porn industry?  Probably.  Increased government regulation makes the .co.uk domain name less valuable and not worth developing.  This would be a very long-term investment and I would be wary of buying any adult orientated UK domains in the current climate.

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