Drops of The Week 3

A very good week for drops.  Ranging from the tasty to the errr.. not so tasty.  If you’re a flame proofing musician with a love of Vietnamese sandwiches you’re in for a treat!


Bahnh Mi are Vietnamese sandwiches and are very popular at the moment at local food markets and street food events.  This will be a highly prized domain for anyone that operates in that industry and I expect it to get snapped-up pretty quick for £700 or more.


Flame proofing is big business and this is the perfect domain for a company in the industry.  A quick google search shows a lot of flame proofing companies in The UK are using domains like “essexflameproofing.co.uk” or “fabricflameproofing.co.uk”, which is not exactly ideal.  To the right buyer this domain could potentially fetch around £2000.


This is one of my favorite drops of the week and is absolutely perfect for a music shop or music tutor.  It’s a single word domain that’s memorable and relevant to the industry.  No surplice then that the domain was bagged quickly.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in-use or back on the market for £500 or more.


A plethora of domains starting with “un” dropped this week.  It looks like a large domain holding company decided to offload some of their portfolio.  There were some good domains and bad among them.  My pick would be uncomfortable.co.uk and unpopular.co.uk.

  • unpopular.co.uk
  • unfunny.co.uk
  • unprofitable.co.uk
  • unimpressed.co.uk
  • unimaginative.co.uk
  • unqualified.co.uk
  • unrealistic.co.uk

It’s rare to see a large group of dictionary terms like this hit the market all at once.


This is an interesting example that I thought I would highlight.  I’ll leave the moral and legal issues aside and just concentrate on the domain itself.  If this was any other industry this domain could potentially be a market leader and worth over £10,000.  However, due to the explicit nature of the domain, it’s absolutely worthless.  Nobody could legally run a site featuring that type of content.  For this reason I expect the domain to stay unregistered, unless someone is daft enough to buy it.

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