Drops of The Week 2

Some very interesting drops this week.


Surfing indoors?  Yes, the sport is very popular in mainland Europe and there are  locations in The UK that offer indoor surfing.  This is the ideal domain for an indoor surfing venue or a community site dedicated to the sport.  The value of this domain could be £1000+.


I’ve not been to Barnstable, but this domain is absolutely perfect for a local community site or business directory.  The town attracts a large amount of visitors in the summer and they will be eager to know about events, restaurants and news.  The value in this domain is in the name and the potential for large amounts of traffic.  I would value this at around £500 – £1000 to a developer.


I was surprised to see a domain of this quality drop.  It’s the ideal domain for a wikipedia style site of hymns.  It will attract lots of type-in traffic and once established there is very little search engine competition for hymn type sites.  I’m looking at you Church of England – BUY ME!


As soon as I saw this domain was going to drop I immediately thought a mattress or pillow company will snap this name up in no time.  With the commercial potential for the domain, I expect it to be valued at around £2000+.  Looks like this one has been snapped by a professional domainer.


A simple, memorable domain.  It might not have the panache and class as some other drops, but the simple ones are sometimes the best.  Maybe a Mother and Baby orientated domain or beer related.  It’s not a million pound domain, but to the right buyer this will make money.  I expect a value between £500 and £2000 on the open market.

Some of the domains have already been snapped-up, but some may still be free to register.

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