Drops of the week 11

It’s been a pretty good week for domain drops and a few of my highlights are listed below.


A high quality one word domain that has a lot of potential.  Could easily be branded for anything from a high fashion label to a health food shop.  Looks like it has been picked-up by a domain flipper, so I would expect to see this domain for re-sale very soon.


Most people will associate the phrase “Guard Dog” with security or protection and this domain could be used for anything from a security company to an anti virus.  Security is a very lucrative business area and this domain has the potential to make a lot of money on the re-sale market.


A domain that really needs no explanation.  Everybody needs their laptop fixed at some point and there will be a lot of search traffic to this domain already.  A perfect buy for a laptop repair shop.


Remember these little South American woodeninstruments?  I do.  This is the perfect domain for a UK based Pan Pipe shop.  The .uk has been registered, but the more valuable .co.uk is still free to register at the moment.  Hurry up and you might be able to grab it!


One of many .uk domains being dropped by the big domain banking companies at the moment.  The .co.uk is the most valuable version of the domain, but there is still potential for profit with a high value term like this.

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