Drops of the week 10

Apologies about the lack of update last week, but I was unfortunately at a funeral in Wales.  It’s been quite a strong week for domain drops and also some good sales.


Perfect domain for a surf school or surfing holiday camp.   A quick Google search shows there are a lot of businesses out there running surf camps in The UK that would pay a considerable amount of money to own this memorable domain.  Not surprising to see it get snapped-up straight away buy a domainer.  I can see this domain making a good profit of £3000 – £5000 for the flipper.


Tasting Notes are accompanying notes that people write when tasting fine wine.  This domain is absolutely perfect for an online resource for wine lovers and I can see this being very popular.  I would be tempted to develop the project myself rather than sell the domain.


A good keyword based domain that will rank quickly and strongly for it’s target market.  Looks as if the .uk is owned by an existing vehicle delivery company, so they may be willing to pay a lot of money to secure this domain.  I could see it potentially fetching up to £5000 at auction, but this sale will probably remain private.


This is one of my favourite drops of the week.  I don;t think it’s going to be a million pound domain, but I thought it was an excellent comedy name for a online mug site or something similar.  It’s a very brandable phrase that people will remember.


A popular phrase at the moment meaning “men over explaining things to women”.  I’m not quite sure what the business potential is for the domain, maybe a blog or community posting examples of real like “mansplaining”.  If marketed well it could get a lot of traffic very quickly.

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