Drops of The Week 1

Drops of the week is a new feature on the site where I look back at some of the domains that have dropped over the previous week and pick some of my favorites.  These could be to flip and sell or maybe ones that could be developed into a profitable businesses.  Hopefully, if you’re quick enough some domains may still be available to register.


A good domain for a cooking site or recipe collection style wiki.  Domain value could be between £400 and £2000 to the right buyer and has potential to make a lot of money.  Who doesn’t love a good casserole?  Nobody.


Elastica were a pretty popular rock group in the 1990s.  This is an absolutely perfect domain for a fan site or maybe the band will be interested  Will generate a considerable amount of traffic through people typing elastica.co.uk in to their browser.


Solid educational term with lots of keyword search traffic.  Could be sold on to a software development company or maybe an e-learning provider.


Coche is Spanish for car.  I really like this domain.  It would be perfect for a British company specialising in rental cars in Spain.  Domain value could be between £700 and £3000, but has potential to make a lot more money as a developed business.


Perfect domain to develop an affiliate site for anything from mobile phone contracts to gym memberships.  Estimated domain value to be around £500 to £1500, but with the right development it could be worth a lot more in the future.


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