Drops of the week 12


(Last registered 2016)

As a nipper I used to collect the Panini Fifa sticker books and it was my world. This domain is absolutely perfect for a community for sticker collectors and swappers or even a site to sell the highly valuable stickers and “swaps”.


(Last registered 2007)

A rock solid domain for a medical engineering or technology company.  I tried to catch this one myself, but it was registered by New Zealand national Garth Piesse of Coherant-NZ.  The .uk version is still free to register.


(Last registered 2007)

This is without doubt my favourite drop of the week.  User Testing is an absolutely huge market right now and a keyword domain like this is extremely valuable.  It seems to have been caught by a fellows flipper and I think a profit of over £10,000 will be on offer for this domain.


(Last registered 2014)

A domain dropped by Garth Piesse who owns the .co.uk version of the domain. I see this as an excellent opportunity to own a keyword based domain that will get a lot of traffic and if I was in the Solar installation business I would not hesitate to buy this domain name.

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