Can you still make money flipping domains?

This is a question I see popping-up on forums and Facebook every so often when domain flipping is mentioned.  As we start 2018 I’d like to add my personal response to this question as a successful domainer.

“Can you still make money flipping domains?”  The simple answer.. Yes!

The days of being apple to register or for £5 and flipping for millions is probably over, but the demand for memorable domains continues to grow and so does the profits.  Every business has a website nowadays and they want to have the best domain name for their business.

I see the industry moving away from generic keyword based domains and more towards brands.  Memorable and usable business brands that can be picked-up for £1000s and used for anything from a food truck to a craft work space.  As domainers we need to get creative and put our marketing flatcaps on.

Domainers want to discourage newcomers to the market as you become the competition.

The basic principal of competition is why many domainers discourage newcomers.  The more people there are trying to catch and flip domains the harder it becomes for existing “old timer” domain flippers to make money.  They haven’t adapted to the market and won’t succeed with the increased competition.  Therefore they actively want to discourage new people to the market so they get to keep all the profits for themselves.  Do you recognise quotes like this in the responses?

“Domain flipping is dead.. not worth it in 2018” – Dave (millionaire domain flipper)

Does that ring any bells? Of course it does.

Try it for yourself.. give it a go!

The best advice I can give you is for you to try it for yourself.  Download the Guide to getting started and give it a go for 6 – 12 months.  At the end of the period you may have lost £20 or you could have scored a sale of £600,000 on the next big domain sale.

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