Can domain flipping be a full time income?

Is it possible to make a full time income from domain flipping?  Yes.  With the right research, planning and a little bit of luck , it’s definitely achievable.  If you take the example of which sold for £1,100,000! One domain sale is all it takes for any flipper to go from £5 to £1,100,000.  With figures like that it’s easy to see how domaining could be a quick way to a full time income for a few hours of work, but it’s not always that simple.

Full-time income, part time hours

Domain flipping is a full-time career for some and it’s also a side business for others.  The flexibility that comes from being able to work anywhere and at any time is a very attractive prospect to many people.

£1,100,000 for one sale is like a lottery win

The example I used above of selling for over £1 million is one of the few published million pound domain sales.  They do happen, but many of the buyers and sellers for this type of high value trade like to keep things discrete.  Are there more £1 million pound domains out there?  Yes, but they will be hard to find and there will be competition.  One of these sales is like a lottery win and you can just drive off into the sunset in your Ferrari.

£1000 a month is achievable for beginners

I think the majority of domain flippers work around flipping several domains a month.  I would expect a beginner with a few months of training and a little trial and error could start breaking £1000 a month without much sweat.  This could be made up of multiple sales as follow:

  • 1 x £1000+ sale
  • 2 x £500+ sales
  • 4 x £250+ sales

The value of domains fluctuate and so does the demand for certain niches.  There could me months where you sell very little and there will be months when you will make a lot of money.  This is the nature of the business.

Work smarter, not harder

Domain flipping is not about being sat at a desk from 9 to 5, it’s about using your time wisely and investing cleverly.  I tend to spend about an hour each morning with my coffee browsing through domains and identifying possible profitable investments.  I spend about an hour a week on admin and email tasks and that can easily be done on my phone or pad if I’m away from the desk.  This is a routine that works for me.

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