6 tips to keep domaining on your holidays

It can be tricky to keep-up with emails when you’re circling the pool on a lilo to find the best WIFI signal.  We’ve all been there.  Here’s a few tips to keep you online (as much as you want) through your holiday.

Take a tablet with you

I find tablets much easier to use when working on holiday.  They’re much less bulky than a regular laptop and they weigh less in a suitcase or carry on bag for the flight.  I also find if you just want to turn-on for a few minutes and check emails, and drop lists they’re much quicker.  Handy to have for ebooks and Spotify whilst on the move as well.

Take advantage of free wifi in bars and hotels

Using your phone plan’s existing data allowance when roaming in The EU is now standard, but for those venturing farther afield it can still be very expensive.  Be wary of racking-up large bills for data and take advantage of the free wifi in bars, hotels and airports.

Queue up domain catches before you go

Put some research time in before you go away and highlight domains expiring over the period you are on holiday.  You can then queue these domains with a drop catching service and let them do all the registration work.  All you need to do is keep up-to-date with your emails to see which domains have been caught and registered.

Limit your time to 1 hour in the evening or morning

Remember you are on holiday!! You to take this time to relax and spend time with your family and friends.  Try to limit your work to an hour in the minoring or evening and keep your days free to enjoy.

Keep up to date with emails

If you have domains at auction or for sale with Sedo then try and keep up-to-date with emails.  Any offers or bids you receive will be confirmed through emails and you don’t want to miss a sale by not responding to a bid or query from a buyer.

Remember to take chargers and plug adapters

Remember to take the correct chargers and plug adapters for the country you’re travelling to.  There’s no point taking your laptop or tablet if the battery dies the minute you get there and you can’t charge it up again till you get home.

Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

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