5 ways to make money out of a domain that won’t sell

Sometimes you find yourself with a domain that you thought would sell instantly, but has now been sitting around in your Sedo account for a while.  If it’s got potential, than why not take it on as a project yourself?  Or is it time to cash-in quick and auction it off?

Parking page ad traffic

This is a quick one anyone can do with domains for sale.  It’s never going to make you a millionaire, but enabling ads on your parked domains with Sedo can bring in about £5 – £20 a year depending on the domain.  It only takes a few clicks in your Sedo account to setup and it’s almost free money.

White Label site

White label marketing is possibly the easiest and quickest way to monetise a domain with affiliate marketing.  It requires very little programming and depending on the white label system you might not even need your own hosting.  White label sites are common in the travel sector with plenty of options to create a hotels, flights or rental car website in a matter of minutes.  There are also many white label options for dating sites so if you have a domain suitable for a dating or travel this could be a solid long-term option.

Affiliate marketing

If you have a domain relevant to a particular industry then you can use the SEO power of the domain to direct traffic through affiliate links.  e.g. if you have a domain like baseballjerseys.co.uk you could start a blog about baseball teams and equipment.  This will quickly gather traffic and search rankings in Google, then you could send your visitors to shops to buy baseball jerseys and equipment through your affiliate links.  Affiliate percentages can range from anything to 2% to 30% depending on the products and industry.

Drop shipping

If your domain is related to a physical product then you could try drop shipping  e.g. if you own the domain cheapskateboards.co.uk you could create a skateboard shop on the domain and have all customer orders forwarded to a supplier or dropshipper.  Dropshipping is a good way of getting started in an industry without buying any stock or having to package and send out orders.

Cut your losses

There’s no point holding on to a domain that isn’t making you any money and isn’t selling.  If you really can’t think of any way to monetise the domain through affiliate marketing or other means then auction it off at Sedo with no reserve and get what you can.. or just let it expire when it comes up for renewal.

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