5 tricks to save money on domain names

If you’re buying and selling domains, chances are you’ll be buying quite a few.  These are some little tricks I’ve picked-up along the way to save a few pounds here and there on domain registrations.  Every little bits helps, right?

Try and find a voucher code

Most registrars will offer a voucher code or discount for new registrations.  With a quick bit of Googling “123 reg voucher code” and “namecheap voucher code” I was able to find a 10% voucher code in seconds.  Not bad.. eh?

Register for 2 or 5 years for a discount

Registering a .co.uk or .uk domain name for more than one year can save you money.  If the domain is for a long term project or you want to hold on to the domain for a few years, it’s best to register for 2 or 5 year chunks.  This could save you nearly £50 over 5 years.

By from a US site in dollars

It can often be cheaper to buy a .co.uk or .uk domain name through a domain registrar in The US.  I use namecheap for a lot of my domains as it’s simply cheaper and there is no difference in service at all. E.g. – with a quick comparison now:

  • £5.84 to register a .co.uk for 1 year with Namecheap
  • £6.99 to register a .co.uk for 1 year with GoDaddy
  • £7.99 to register a .co.uk for 1 year with 123Reg

It’s not £1000s, but if you’re registering quite a few domains at a time it can save you a considerable amount of money over the course of a year.

Use a cashback credit card

I’m a massive fan of cashback credit cards.  I use them for everything and get about £100-200 a year back in cashback.  Buy your domains on a cashback credit card like an American Express Platinum and you could get up to 5% back.  Alternatively use a card that gives you air miles if your planning a big holiday or Nectar points are always handy.

Use a cashback site

I’m relatively new to cashback sites, but I’m starting to use them more regularly.  A quick search through Quidco and Topcashback and I notice you can get 10% cashback on purchases at 123reg.  That’s worth noting if you buy your domains through 123reg.

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