5 tips for using social media to sell domains

Create a logo or brand

A simple logo can really create interest and spark some ideas.  It can be as simple as text on a coloured background or for a premium domain it may be worth investing in a freelance designer.  This can give the domain substance and provide potential buyers with a springboard to work from.

Use relevant #hashtags

e.g. dogsalon.co.uk could be promoted using hashtags like #doggrooming #poodles and #dogs.

If you’re advertising a domain to sell through twitter then using relevant industry hashtags will put your tweet on the screens of the right people.  Remember to always link back to your Sedo “Buy now” page so people interested can buy the domain.

Direct message people that might be interested

On Instagram and twitter you can send people a direct message or “DM” as it’s often called.  This can be a great tool to find businesses that may be interested in domains you have for sale.  Emails can get junked and phone calls ignored, but a direct message is a great way to contact a business directly.

Create shareable graphics for Instagram and Pinterest

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create amazing social media graphics nowadays.  Using a free service like Canva you can easily create professional graphics for Pinterest and Instagram in minutes.

A simple social media graphic can boost interest in your domain.

A quick example created in Canva in literally 5 minutes.  Not bad, eh?  Publish this on social media with a link back to your Sedo “Buy Now” page and encourage retweets and shares,

Encourage retweets, reblogs and shares

Structuring your social media posts to be more engaging and asking for a response or answer to a question is a great way to engage with potential buyers.  The more comments, shares and likes you get the more your domain will be visible on social media.

“I’ve just picked-up this domain.. what would you do with it?”

“I’ve just registered fishing.co.uk – does anyone know anyone that would be interested? #fishing”

“I’ve just caught tables.co.uk – anyone know any carpenters that would be interested in the domain? #carpentry #tables”

The examples above invite a response rather than publish a simple statement.

If you have any more tips for using social media to help sell domains, then please feel free to leave them below in the comments.

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