5 tips to earn money from a parked domain

Earn ad revenue with Sedo

One of the best things about using a domain broker like Sedo is they give you the ability to make money whilst your domain is listed with them for sale.  This is usually in the form of relevant ads or Adwords on your parked domain.  If you have a niche domain they will try and match the ads to the market niche. e.g. adverts on footballboots.co.uk would have adverts for football related sites.

This option is not going to make you rich.  Depending on the amount and type of domains you have listed you may make £10 – £50 a month.

Whitelabel sites

If you have a domain that is particularly relevant to dating, gambling or the travel industry you should explore the options for a white affiliate label site.  With a white label site you can use your domain and brand, but a partner controls all of the content, inventory and processing.  You then receive commission for any sales you generate through your brand.

A white label will take a little time to setup with a partner, but once configured correctly and tested they can generate significant monthly revenue.  I had a keyword based domain using a white label site that regularly generated over £1000 a month.

Affiliate marketing

Start a blog with WordPress or tumblr and start posting about your product or niche.  If you own a keyword based domain that will get search traffic (e.g.  FootballBoots.co.uk) you could include reviews of boots, football news and players fashions.  Combine this with some affiliate links to Amazon where viewers can buy the boots and you will get a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate Marketing can be an easy way to get organic search traffic to the domain and will generate interest in the domain and potentially profit.

Launch page email sign-up

Are you parking the domain because you are working on a new app or site?  Put up a simple “coming soon” page with an email sign-up form.  Include your logo, some pictures and brief outline of what your project is all about.  This is a great way to capture email addresses of people interested in the project/site/app so you can email them to let them know as soon as you launch.


If your domain will get traffic for a particular product (e.g. whiskystones.uk) you could setup a simple online shop with Woocommerce or Shopify and start dropshipping.  This means you do not have to hold any physical stock of the item and simply take the order from your site.  Many dropshippers make a very good income buying from sites like Alibaba and AliExpress and shipping the item straight to the customer.

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