5 tips for selling a domain quickly

Just picked-up a domain name and want to sell it quickly?  Here’s a few quick tips to make sure you get your domain sold and for a good price.

Contact similar business that might be interested

If you have a domain that’s related to a particular niche or industry e.g. hedgetrimming.co.uk try contacting some local gardening or hedge trimming companies to see if they would be interested in purchasing the domain. I would offer the domain at a fixed price to avoid lengthy negotiations and make it easy for them to buy instantly through a service like Sedo.

Create some logos or branding and publish on social media

Give a domain name an identity by creating a logo or some simple branding.  Brandshake and Flippa do this for domains and it can increase the value of the domain to potential buyers.

Get involved in the community on social media

If you are selling a domain that would appeal to a particular community e,g. flyfishing.co.uk get involved with online community, Facebook groups or twitter.  If you can offer the domain to somebody with a keen interest in the hobby or sport then the domain will have a much greater appeal and subsequent value.

Make sure the domain is listed in Sedo MLS

SedoMLS is a great tool for domainers. When somebody searches for your domain through one of the popular registrars e.g. 123reg, Namecheap, 1&1 it will show your domain as available to buy instead of being registered and taken.

Sell for Auction on Sedo

If you really want to sell a domain quickly then you can always go for an auction.  You may get more than you want, or less than market value for the domain, but you will sell it.  I would recommend using Sedo or Domainlore for auctioning domains quickly and safely.

If you have any more tips for selling domains quickly then please feel free to add them in the comments and discuss.

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