Are domains a better investment than property?

It’s cheaper to get started

It doesn’t matter how hard you search on – you won’t find a house for £5.  The average house price in the UK as of of June 2017 is £223,257 (Data from  This makes domain flipping a much more attractive investment for a part time or hobby investor.

No maintenance, repair fees or tennants

You’ll never have to fix a leaky roof on a domain name or pay for landlord insurance.  A domain is a fixed entity, the value is from it’s potential rather than a physical asset.  There are no maintenance fees apart from the renewal fees every 1/2/5 years etc.

Return on investment can be greater

You buy a house at auction for £50,000 and spend £20,000 on fixing it up.. then sell it for £120,000.  That’s a solid profit of £40,000 to £50,000 depending on fees and taxes.  Compare this to buying a domain for £5 and then flipping it in a few days for £600,000.  That’s a profit of £599,995 depending on taxes and fees.

Less risk

The cost involved in domaining is no where near as much as property investment.  If you buy a domain that doesn’t sell then the most you’ve lost out on is £5 a year in registration fees.  If you invest in property and it doesn’t sell or meet your expected value then you could lose £100,000s.

No mortgage

You don’t need  a mortgage to buy a domain, but you may need one to buy a property.  Mortgage applications can be a lengthy and complicated processes.  You don’t need a mortgage or a salary to start flipping domains.  Just a debit card.

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